Welcome to Forever English. My name is Betty Carlson and I have been an EFL teacher/trainer in France for nearly 20 years. I currently teach college-level Business English.

My additional professional activities include managing our school's foreign exchange programs, coordinating the national Erasmus grant program for a network of business schools, and writing a corporate blog about languages and translation for an American language service provider. Over the years, I have also taught a number of classes to company managers and employees.

I've created this site not only to share with my students, but also to categorize and collect the many exciting links and information that I've discovered on the Web over the past few years.

My biggest professional interests at the moment are integrating authentic audio and video materials into the classroom as well as encouraging students to participate actively their own learning and in creating a positive classroom atmosphere. Examen oblige, I am also somewhat obsessed with the TOEIC test.

One of my goals for the 2010-2011 school year is that my students take advantage of the resources on this site as they prepare for their exams.

Thanks for dropping by!