Management Assistant Listening Activity

1. Go to the site

2. Listen to the interview with Tracey (the first one) and complete the blanks on your sheet.

3. When you have tried several times, you can correct yourself using the script.

4. Finally, listen to another interview from the same group -- any interview you want -- and take notes on it. DO NOT CONSULT THE SCRIPT

After the listening period, we will discuss Tracey's job, compare it to yours, and you will present the other interview you listened to.


The Social Network: THE movie to see in October


Rolling Stone magazine has published a list of 12 movies it recommends to see this autumn.

At the top of the list is "The Social Network," which tells the story of the creation and rise to success of Facebook.

The movie will be released in France on October 13.

Click here for a look at the original trailer.

You can also watch the trailer with French subtitles, or the trailer with English subtitles, designed for people with hearing disabilities, where you can also read the song lyrics.

I hope you can see the movie in English!



Business school students: First impressions

We've been back at school about a week, or even more, now.

How does it feel?

What are your impressions of the start of your first year in business school?


Seven links for my sales and management students: Week 1

Well, it's back to school and time to communicate Internet resources to you to help you work on your English outside of class.

Here are five links for the first week -- some are connected to work done in class, others not.

1. Audio file for the text "Stress, holidays and work."

In my sales class, we listened to this and some of you found it difficult. In my management classes, we didn't use the audio, but it could be interesting for you to listen to the text.

2. The News: The Death of Laurent Fignon

There's not a lot of English on this YouTube video -- just the song and the introduction. But if you're interested in cycling, you might like this.

For something more traditional, read this article from The Telegraph.

3. Flash Quiz: Basic Question Words

It's been a long time since you've spoken English, and some students have forgotten basic question words like "Who, What, When, and Where!" Try this Flash Quiz to remember. Be careful -- it's timed.

4. Le vocabulaire de la vente et le commerce

There are 49 French-English quizzes on this site -- expect to see this link again!

5. Visit a Japanese University

A subtitled video with basic English expressions. Slow speaking; good for revision.

6. "Is it OK to lie in job interviews?"

Audio extract used in my management assistant class. Go to the extract from 30/03/2010.

7. "The Elegant Guide to Telephone Etiquette"

Video extract used in my management assistant class.


What does your summer look like?




Mine looks like this...