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Selling as a sales rep: simulation

Tomorrow, you will be asked to perform a sales sketch in which you will sell a product as a sales rep to a buyer for a chain of stores.

Today, in the lab and using vocabulary about a specific product that you will choose, you will prepare your "sales pitch."

So here is the step by step plan for this activity:

1. Think of a product you would enjoy selling

2. Find an example of it on the Internet. You can use a Google search, or work from a major retail site such as Tesco Direct to find a product and its description: http://direct.tesco.com/, or work directly from a company's website.

3. Prepare your sales pitch and approach carefully. Keep in mind that you are presenting a product to someone who buys for a number of stores. You can define the type of store and the customer profile that the store targets.

4. The sales presentations will be performed in class tomorrow with the teacher or another student as the client.