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Strikes and WD40: Class links for the week of October 11 2010

I haven't been here for a while, but then again, have you?

This week was full of classes for me, and I was definitely not...In three of my classes, though, we dealt with the theme of the recent strikes in France: Depending on the class, I used an audio resource, a video resource, or both.

Here is the link to the audio resource by Sean Banville about the September strikes in France. You can also consult his entire lesson here, as we didn't do nearly all of the activities.

Some of you also commented on and listened to a Reuters video about Tuesday's strikes.

For my sales rep course students, here is the WD40 demonstration video we worked with. This was kind of an unusual choice, but we got some great vocabulary out of the "without the sound" portion of the lesson.

Have a great weekend!