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Using linking words

Linking words are an important part of fluid written expression. They are also important to understanding written texts.

Today's writing activity will be focused on using linking words to express cause, results, contrasts and more.

The subject of your writing will be this YouTube video entitled "How to Fake French...when you don't really know how to speak it.". It's quite funny, but you may or may not agree with the image of stereotypical young French woman, or the French in general, that is presented.



1. Work in pairs

2. Watch the video once or twice. Make sure you understand the English titles.

3. Write about the video. The objective is to use as many linking words as possible without being ridiculous!

4. There is no pre-established format for the writing. You can try to write a unified summary/reaction, or simply write separate sentences using a selection of linking words from the list presented.

5. This is an in-class activity and should not turn into "homework."  So, during the last five minutes of class, submit to me everything you have done, either as a comment here or via my Gmail account for your class.