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Happy Holidays from the Carlson School of Management

For your pleasure, here is a very fun and festive holiday flash mob, filmed at the Carlson (!) School of Management, which is part of the University of Minnesota.

What interesting English links did you find in the lab today?


Listening class December 15 2009

The holidays are coming, and I had thought about showing a film today, but with the unusual class set-up (coming in to teach only the second half,) I was a bit worried about technical difficulties...so that activity will have to wait until the New Year. I have my film chosen and everything, though.


1. Work in 10 groups of two (or alone if there are absences.) Watch the video or listen to the podcast corresponding to the letter you have been assigned.

A. Black Friday 2009: If you don't know what Black Friday is before you start watching, ask me. This is quite a long video (10 minutes,) so you will probably just want to take notes for the general idea.

B. My Top 10 Christmas Films (6:45) There are several similar lists on the same page; if you have time you could compare this one to another one.

C. Holiday Christmas TV Commercials: These are shorter, so you get a few more to watch:

- Top Four Christmas Commercials (from the 80s and 90s)

- Coke Christmas Commercial from 2009

- Target Christmas Commercial from 2009 Target is an American-based superstore chain, but this ad is for the Australian chain and features an Australian accent.

D.  Christmas Shopping in New York The title says it all.

E. Non-traditional Christmas shopping: A news report from a local American TV station.

2. Unless you are mathematically challenged, you have probably figured out that one other group has your video or audio file. Back in class, compare notes, and prepare a presentation of what you saw or heard for the class.

3. Of course, during the holidays, you can come back to the site and listen to the other files!