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Will traditional CVs be relevant by the time you graduate?

This article, found via the Bachelor EGC Facebook page, definitely caught my attention -- and should catch yours.

It's in French, and I could have found similar information in English, but you might have thought "OK, that's happening in the USA, but not here, and anyway France is usually about 5 years behind on a lot of things..."

But no, this article is about FRANCE and what it explains could definitely have an impact on YOU -- maybe not quite by the time you graduate from your Bachelor's program, but certainly a few years down the road.

Today's writing assignment involves developing your reaction to the article.

Step by step:

1. Read the article En 2012, le CV passe à la trappe, and make sure to watch the video.

2. IN ENGLISH, write a SHORT summary of the article, then write about your reaction to it.

3. You can work in pairs or individually.

4. Make sure to make use of appropriate IT/ Internet tools to improve your writing: online dictionaries, Google methods, spell-check in English

5. The work can be submitted in two ways: as a comment on this blog post (preferred, but prepare it on another platform so it can be saved as you go along) or as a Word document to be submitted via Infomédiare (Dossier EGC 2 - Vie Scolaire - Dépôts.)

6. The writing produced does not have to be extremely long: work for clarity, accuracy, and even originality.

7. Travail à rendre pour le cours de la semaine prochaine au plus tard, mais qui peut également être terminé en cours aujourd'hui .


iTunes U

Do you think this type of learning can replace traditional teaching and

classes, or just reinforce them?

If you were an American, would you rather learn in places like this

or at home listening to a podcast?


Business school students: First impressions

We've been back at school about a week, or even more, now.

How does it feel?

What are your impressions of the start of your first year in business school?


What does your summer look like?




Mine looks like this...


Controversial Advertisements

"Three people catch up on their sleep as they hang suspended on a living advertisement for cosmetic products. The products claimed to improve sleep quality."

Victoria Station, London


What do you think of this ad? Would it attract you to buy the product? And do you think the "living advertisement" treats the advertising workers humanely?