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Will traditional CVs be relevant by the time you graduate?

This article, found via the Bachelor EGC Facebook page, definitely caught my attention -- and should catch yours.

It's in French, and I could have found similar information in English, but you might have thought "OK, that's happening in the USA, but not here, and anyway France is usually about 5 years behind on a lot of things..."

But no, this article is about FRANCE and what it explains could definitely have an impact on YOU -- maybe not quite by the time you graduate from your Bachelor's program, but certainly a few years down the road.

Today's writing assignment involves developing your reaction to the article.

Step by step:

1. Read the article En 2012, le CV passe à la trappe, and make sure to watch the video.

2. IN ENGLISH, write a SHORT summary of the article, then write about your reaction to it.

3. You can work in pairs or individually.

4. Make sure to make use of appropriate IT/ Internet tools to improve your writing: online dictionaries, Google methods, spell-check in English

5. The work can be submitted in two ways: as a comment on this blog post (preferred, but prepare it on another platform so it can be saved as you go along) or as a Word document to be submitted via Infomédiare (Dossier EGC 2 - Vie Scolaire - Dépôts.)

6. The writing produced does not have to be extremely long: work for clarity, accuracy, and even originality.

7. Travail à rendre pour le cours de la semaine prochaine au plus tard, mais qui peut également être terminé en cours aujourd'hui .


Latest Class Video Links

I haven't posted here for a long time. But I did want to share two videos I have used recently in class:

How to prepare for a job interview

Life at the Googleplex


Listening Activity: A Job Interview

Listen to the job interview and take notes.

Notice that in the second part the interviewee asks the interviewer a few questions.

After the interview, there is an interactive quiz. Try it and see how you do. (Also see if you can find the mistake in the quiz answers! Hint: it's an answer about money.)





Listening Activity: Job Descriptions

In this activity, you will work in pairs and listen to a job description of your choice from the following site:


1. Each pair must listen to a different job description, so tell me your choice.  All of the scripts are interesting; for example Tracey, the secretary, works as a secretary to a very important government official, so her job is much more exciting than you might imagine.

2. Listen two or three times, starting and stopping as you please, and taking notes with your partner and comparing them. Do not try to note every word, this is not a dictation.

3. From your notes, try to orally construct a coherent summary of what the person says. Do not consult the script!

4. You will present your summary to the group if time allows.

5. You will be able to check your understanding with the script if time allows, or at home.


Management Assistant Listening Activity

1. Go to the site http://pedagogie.ac-montpellier.fr/disciplines/anglais/bts/interviews.html

2. Listen to the interview with Tracey (the first one) and complete the blanks on your sheet.

3. When you have tried several times, you can correct yourself using the script.

4. Finally, listen to another interview from the same group -- any interview you want -- and take notes on it. DO NOT CONSULT THE SCRIPT

After the listening period, we will discuss Tracey's job, compare it to yours, and you will present the other interview you listened to.