Happy Holidays from the Carlson School of Management

For your pleasure, here is a very fun and festive holiday flash mob, filmed at the Carlson (!) School of Management, which is part of the University of Minnesota.

What interesting English links did you find in the lab today?


Latest Class Video Links

I haven't posted here for a long time. But I did want to share two videos I have used recently in class:

How to prepare for a job interview

Life at the Googleplex


Holiday Surprise

... and let's end this class with listening to two holiday songs by the Jackson Five:

I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus (lyrics on the video)

Up on the Housetop (lyrics on paper)


Have a happy holiday season!


News listening class: 3rd year Bachelor students

In today's class, you are going to work in pairs in the lab to watch a recent news video, then report back to the class on it.

Choose a video from VOA News Video. The site is a little strange to use; to find the full range of videos you must scroll down in the middle of the page, not on the side.

On the menu on the right, you will find many choices in different categories: Latest Video (the first page); News and Politics; Economy; US Life and Arts; and Science/Health.

Tabs at the bottom give you other choices: Going Green, Money in Motion, Now U Know, Off the Beaten Path, and The Link.

Each subject category is explained, and each video includes a short description to give you the context.

Happy listening and reporting!



The TOEIC Times 2: VOA News Video

My management assistant classes just had VOA News videos to comment on as part of their practice exams.

These authentic news videos are excellent training for any listening exams, including the TOEIC.

It's not possible, however, to link to specific videos but the ones I used in the practice exam were all from the ECONOMY section.

VOA News also presents "adapted" texts in slower English as well as reading and listening texts with interactive learning activities ("The Classroom") that provide great practice for English exams